For most of you, this would be your first-time monument buying experience. You probably would not be aware of the products and processes that go into creating a lasting, unique and memorable tribute. Cemetery, funeral homes, monument retailers and online monument stores are the common choices to buy a monument. With all these sources and the information that they provide, it can get very confusing when purchasing a memorial. We have attached a buying questionnaire explained in plain English. Make copies of this questionnaire and get it answered when you shop for a memorial of your loved one.

Rule # 1: Never buy a monument without comparing at least one of each seller in the above category…. not even ours. It may get even more confusing when you actually begin looking for a monument to purchase… however; we definitely encourage you to go to the display location. If you look at two or more companies you may find that there is different terminology used by each company, some similar fact and a lot of contradicting facts. The only way to make sure of the facts is to see it in person.

Rule # 2: Make certain you are comparing “apples to apples”. Keep in mind, just because it is the same size does not mean it is the same quality. Like diamonds, there are many different grades of granite. More importantly, carving and lettering is extremely labor intensive and can be done in a variety of ways. The quality of your lettering should be a major factor when purchasing. Ask about double process carving and lettering.

Rule # 3: Remember you are purchasing a monument because of love … not because it is the cheapest. Don’t cut corners when it comes to memorials. Make it unique, distinct and above all get it designed to reflect the personality. There are a lot of options available that would help you design a tribute that is as unique as your loved one.

Rule # 4: Don’t let anyone “nickel and dime” you and prevent you from designing unique features just because it is expensive. Most of the distinct features that are used in crafting a unique memorial will cost just a little more and are fractional compared to the overall cost of the memorial.

Rule # 5: Purchase from someone that knows monuments. Many times sales representatives that are working on a commission, know little about monuments. Ask them where the monument would be manufactured and what options you have. Just basic questions about the manufacturing process will separate the men from the boys. Anyone that knows about the process will know more about monuments.

Rule # 6: Warranty Several one ­man monument companies have come and gone in many of the areas we have dealt with on the eastern coast of the country. Buy from a reliable source. Ask for the warranty certificates and look for the reliability and the means to back up that warranty. Remember monument is a product that is meant to last for centuries.

We DO NOT use any artificial coloring agent or dyes in our granite. What you get is 100% natural granite product that is meant to last forever.

G635 Granite

Stone Name:G635, Sesame Pink, Forever Red

Main color:Pink




Application:Suitable for interior and exterior applications

G635 -Rose Hydra

G635, is also call Sesame Pink , it is a bright Red Granite from China. Good price and beautiful color, suitable for floor tiles, steps, balustrades, countertops, slabs, kitchen tops, monuments and carving.

G635Granite – the very name suggests unyielding permanence and endurance. G635 granite is an extremely hard igneous stone. Formed of molten stone under the intense heat and pressure of inner earth, the magma slowly cooled and crystallized, forming granite. G635 granite is durable, weather resist and beautiful.

One of the hardest of stones, G635 granite is excellent for stone cladding, curtain walls, water features, counter tops, furniture, elevator panels and wherever a long lasting, naturally beautiful stone is needed. At StonePly, G635 granite is cut thin and bonded to high strength aluminum honeycomb panels. The stone panels are light weight, easy to handle and incredibly strong. StonePly G635 panels have 60 times the impact strength of un-reinforced granite.

G635 granite can be used for granite tiles, slabs, countertops, vanity tops, paving stone, kerbsotne, tombstone and monuemnts, stair and riser, windowsill etc.

Good price G635 granite European style monument supplier
Good price G635 granite European style monument supplier
Popular color Chinese rose granite G635 memorials
Popular color Chinese rose granite G635 memorials
Polished Chinese rose granite G635 memorials in European Franch style
Polished Chinese rose granite G635 memorials in European Franch style

G635 Granite Countertops is great for heavily used surfaces such as kitchen countertops, also G635 granite is one of the most popular shades of granite. Granite best for Kitchen Countertops, Vanity Tops, Fireplace and worktops.

G635 granite is available for various finsh types catering to different applications,these include polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, sandblast, tumbled, natural split etc.

We are the leading supplier for G635 granite, we have our own professsional factory since 1990 .More at www.jiahengstone.com

G603 Granite

G603 Granite is a kind of grey granite quarried in China. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, sills, stairs, countertops, mosaic, fountains and other design projects. It also called G3503,Bacuo White Granite,Balma Grey Granite,Padang Light Granite,Sesame White Granite,Padang White,Bianco Amoy Granite,Bianco Crystal,Bianco Gamma,Blanco Gamma,China Cristall,China Grey,China Sardinia,Crystal Grey Granite, G603 Granite can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

G603 Gris Zephir
G603 Gris Zephir

Product Details Water Absorption (%) : 0.22 Apparent Specific Weight (kg/m3) : 2.65 Porosity (%) : Petty Compression Strength (kg/cm2) : 1157 Abrasion Resistance (%) : 76.1

China Flamed G603 Granite Floor Tile is an igneous rock and is a silica base material. Due to the durability and the very low maintenance, granite is the most popular material for countertops and monument. In addition, granite comes in several different finishes: polished (the most common), Flamed,honed, leathered/antiqued, or brushed.

Monument & Tombstone: We offer our assistance in selecting a Granite monuments, tombstones, headstone and gravestones to commemorate the passing of a loved one vist G603 Heart shaped tombstone ,and hand-crafted memorial can be one of the best ways to express your sentiments for eternity. We have our own professional factory , specialized in high quality granite products including headstones, vases, urns, statues for cemetery and grave yard, monthly we export a lot of memorial products to UK, Ireland, Poland, Germany, USA and Canada etc.

Furthermore, we have a professional team to design these granite stone, they are in high demand in global markets. Most noteworthy, Our products have CE Certification, and comply with the European Union’s rule. We have an experienced and responsibility team to take care of the quality control. Here, you can find the most competitive price, the credible quality standard, the timely delivery and the best services.

We carry a large selection of Granite products available in several different colors and sizes!

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G562 Maple Red granite

G562 Granite is a kind of red granite quarried in China. This stone is especially good for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It also called G4562,Chinese Capao Bonito,Cenxi Hong,Cenxi

G562 Granite

Buy Chinese Red Granite G562 Granite


granite vase and urms

customized shaped granite vase and urms manufacturer

Red,Charme,Copperstone,Crown Red,Feng Ye Red,Fengye Hong,G 562 Granite,G 651 Granite,Maple Leaf Red,Maple Leaves,Maple Red,Mapple Red,China Capao Bonito,Red of Cengxi,Samkie Red,Zarkie Red . G562 Granite can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

1. Grinding surface smooth, subtle luster, choose a different degree of gloss. The surface is very smooth, but porous. This surface is very common in many pedestrian places. Because of the large ground floor size, permeable sealants should always be used. Grinding stone color polished surface as distinct.

2. Polished surface shiny, after a period of time due to too many pedestrians and improper careless luster. This surface is smooth and less porous. After the reflection of crystals produced brilliant color, showing the natural stone mineral particles, the gloss is derived from the natural reflection of stone crystals. In the production of polished bricks and polishing powder to form a polished surface, the gloss is not paint.

3. Fire surface roughness, formed at high temperatures. The production of stone heating, crystal burst, so the surface roughness. Surface porous, you must use infiltration sealant.

4. Rolling The surface is a little rough, turned into an ancient look by tumbling marble, limestone and sometimes granite pieces in the container. Often you need to use a stone toner to make the color more vivid.

5. Sandblasting High-pressure jets of sand and water spray the sand onto the stone to form a shiny, but not smooth, surface.

6. Chopped ax hammering, the formation of surface texture, choose the degree of roughness.

Himalayan Blue Granite

Himalayan Blue Granite is a dark brown to blue-gray with reddish brown, dark gray waves and grey-pink grains Precambrian migmatite quarried in India. This stone is especially good for Counter tops and bar tops,Interior wall panels,Water walls and fountains, monuments, stairs, wall an and other design projects. It also called Himalayan Blue Gandhi Granite,Granite Himalaya,Himalaya Granite,Indian Kinawa Granite,New Himalayan Blue Granite,Himalaya Blue Granite.

Himalayan Blue Granite

Name: Himalayan Blue Granite Catalog:Granite
Color: Multicolor
Country: India ( Koppal, Kuknur, Karnataka )

Technical Specifications
Bulk Density: 2685 Kg/M3
Bending Strength: 17.85 N/mm2
Compression Breaking Load: 220.73 N/mm2
Water Absorption: 0.14%
Hardness (Moh’s Scale):

Note: These figures and details are given for guidance purposes only, no reliance should be taken as to their accuracy.

Suitable for construction projects both commercial and domestic,memorials(Headstone,Memorial Vase,Memorial Urn,Memorial plaque) prefabricated countertops/worktops, vanities, tiles, backsplashes, paving, fireplaces.

Himalaya Blue headstone with Factory priceHimalaya Blue headstone with Factory price

Discount Granite Memorial Vase

Discount Granite Memorial Vase

Surface Finish
Himalayan Blue Granite looks best with a gloss polished surface but is also available as honed, leather/satin, river-washed/antique, thermal/flamed, flamed & brushed, water-jet, bush-hammered, sandblast and sawn finish.

G687 Granite

G687 Granite is a red color granite original from Ningde of Fujian Province,China, G687 Granite a good material for indoor or outdoor walls, floors, countertops,G687 Granite Vanity Top,decoration,etc

G687 Granite

G687 Granite Vanity Top

G687 granite is a very popular and highly used material for paving stone in Middle East, European, Asia and other countries, products representing by polished random cut slabs, cut to size tiles, stair treads and risers, windowsills and skirtings,kerbstone,palisades,drainage stone, bollards, wall capstone, swimming pool copings. G687 is especially popular in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, the African countries also import a big number of quantity from us.

We produce and export the finest G687 granite products from our, which assure our clients can always get the high quality products at most competitve prices

G687 granite is accessible to a series of different type of finishes catering to different applications,these include polished, honed, flamed, bushhammered, sandblast, flamed+brushed, tumbled, natural split etc.

We are able to provide Peach Red granite in varient sizes per requirements, the most common sizes are :
♦ Tile Size
1) 305 x 305 x 10mm or 12″ x 12″ x 3/8″
2) 400 x 400 x 12mm or 16″ x 16″ x 1/2″
3) 457 x 457 x 12mm or 18″ x 18″ x 1/2″
4) 600 x 600 x 20mm or 24″ x 24″ x 3/4″
5) Cut-to-size or any other customized sizes
♦ Slab Size
1) Small Slab: 180-240 x 60/70/80 x 2/3cm
2) Big Slab: 250up x 150up x 2/3cm
4. Quality Standard
1) Polished degree: 85 or up
2) Thickness tolerance: -2/+1mm QC check pieces by pieces strictly before packing.
3) Diagonal tolerance : +/-1mm
4) Surface flatness tolerance: +/-0.3mm
5) Adjacent edge verticality tolerance: +/-0.5mm, Precise Cutting by infrared-ray-cut machine.

5 Types of Cemetery Options

Cemeteries, they are the final resting places dedicated to our bodies after death – colloquially known as sprawling necropolises, they are adorned with rows of gravestones and columbaria, and reflect the spiritual beliefs and preferences of every culture at every stage of their history.

Choosing a cemetery for burial is an important part step. There have a large of cemetery can choose, knowing the Cemetery Headstones: Rules & Regulations and different types Cemetery can help you narrow down your choices and make a decision. In this post we will explain the five most common cemeteries.

Public Cemeteries:
General public cemeteries are for profit and and also the most common amongst these types of. Public cemeteries are usually independently owned and are nonsectarian, This style is open to all and more headstone style to choose.

Religious Cemeteries:
This type of cemetery is non for profit but yout need according the religious guidelines regarding the burial and headstone design.you also can choose the Religious Headstones from our website.

District Cemeteries:
They are non for profit, owned by the state, county or district and most commonly referred to as district or municipal cemeteries. this cemetery style is also give the without financial resources.

Green Cemeteries:
Most green burial grounds require all material to be natural such as the headstone and Memorial Urn, this helps preserve the earth and promote an sustainable practices.

Veteran of National Cemeteries:
National cemeteries are controlled by the government, and reserve burial spaces for veterans who have passed away.


Adding Cemetery Vases to Monuments

There are some problem need to consider when you deciding to purchase granite or marble vases for cemetery. the first one need to consider how long will you expect to visit the memorial. If your family is going to the cemetery frequently,and it should be add vases for your flowers. If your family no often going  to the cemetery, it may not be a necessary expense.If you already have a headstone for your loved one and want to add a flower vase unit we can help. We offer cemetery vase . It can be placed above the existing headstone so flowers can be displayed in honor of the deceased. To view our cemetery vase unit click here Memorial Vase  Also, you should consider the type of cemetery in which you have your plot. The flowers will be remove within a few days or a week by the cemeteries . So you need to check with your cemetery for specific regulations concerning flowers and placement of other memorial items.maybe this article can help you Cemetery Headstones: Rules & Regulations

When adding a granite or marble vase, the base size need longer than normal size – to accommodate the placement of the vase.

black granite memorial vase

The design, look and feel of your monument will determine the size, shape and color of your vases. Many cemetery vase manufacturers can etch, sandblast or carve designs directly onto  vases. Additionally,you need be sure to protect your investment with a vase liner. This allows water to be removed from the vase – to Keeping Your Cemetery Vases From Freezing .

Whether you choose a  granite or marble vase, a more bold square granite vase for your flush granite marker,You also can contact us info@jiahengstone.com

About The Granite Headstones Come From

When you see a amazing headstone in the cemetery perhaps you may think about how that got there. What is the story behind that person? What is the story behind this cemetery headstone styles? The answer could be a variety of things.or you can vist Tombstones and their stories Tombstones and their stories part 2

If the headstone is made out of marble or limestone its likely from the early Nineteenth century when the monument industry started to switch to more long lasting materials. Recently its most common to discover cemetery granite headstone that are built to last forever.

Often the granite for every modern memorial comes from quarries all over the world in nations like Canada, India, China, and Sweden. Many suppliers ought to be local.

When stones are being quarried they’re shaped, sized, and polished ahead of they’re shipped. Many other materials are usually obtained similar to the way for older techniques. When the stone has reached the local granite headstone suppliers they’re offered and sent through production.

When the stone has been created a setting crew will most likely deliver the stone to the cemetery. But not every suppliers set the stones or may charge a fee for doing so. Every stone has its own unique trip just like the life it represents. Next time you see a remarkable monument, be wowed by the process it took to create it.

Angel Monuments Throughout History

Early Christian art featured winged creatures associating the spreading of wings which has a life “beyond anything you understand and also see” in the world. Mankind has due to the fact connected these kinds of angels with all the traveling with life straight into heaven. Guardian angels have been thought to take care of together with guide a person through life and/or loss of life. Guardian angel stories can be followed all through history, and in the two Eastern and Western civilizations, it was believed that guardian angels served to protect whichever person they were assigned to.

Guardian angels attending to any person has become documented for hundreds of years and might be seen in both the Old and New Testaments; ” amazing the dignity with the soul, as each one has got by their birth an angel commissioned to guard it”. everyone believed that guardian angels stayed with us from beginning, with the untimely death of a child, the guardian angel for the children morphed into a winged-child likeness. The winged-child became popular both in early English and United states Colonial cemeteries to become know as a cherub. These kinds of representations have became heartfelt additions to children’s markers in cemeteries throughout the years.

A lot of people believed at the Twelfth century that each soul was given a guardian angel the moment it was put into a body.

Now, angels lead us comfort, with thoughts of them holding our family members and always keeping all of them safe from harm. Putting an angel monument is usually a very personal and comforting way to memorialize your loved one. You will find pre-manufactured angel monuments, prepared to Customized Monument , together with a lot of stock molded angel statues. In-stock statuary often needs fewer wait time to install within the cemetery. If you’re prepared to spend some time and work with a sculptor, custom statuary can also be a consideration to create something truly unique.